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CHASS Technology Group: Working Together as a Team

CHASS Technology Group, better known as CTG, promotes excellence in teaching, research and administration through enhancing the college’s information technology capability.

CTG features a technically-skilled and developmentally-oriented team for academic computing and information technology. We provide technology support services to the college and serve as a resource center for instructional, research and administrative technologies. We are also available to answer questions, provide insight and information and assist faculty and staff in applying information technology.


What We Do

The Web Development Team within CTG provides oversight of CHASS academic and administrative websites online presence. Our primary goal is to make all CHASS websites that help our visitors get the information they are looking for easily and quickly, while promoting about CHASS at the same time. CTG Web Development Team can build complete website from scratch by working with the content creators in the website stakeholder who will have final say the choice of hosting method and over all content as well as the final look of the website for either type of website hosting environment.

The Responsibilities of CTG Web Development Team include:

  1. CTG Web Development Team provides oversight of websites design, development, and maintenance for academic departments, academic programs, and administrative units.
  2. In concert with UCR Office of Strategic Communications which provides oversight of UCR’s online presence and campus Web style guidelines, CTG Web Development Team provides websites design and maintenance services at no cost for CHASS academic departments, academic programs, and administrative unit websites.
  3. CTG provides website technical maintenance supports to academic departments, academic programs, and administrative units. However, it is the website stakeholder’s responsibility to appoint a Point of Contact Person (PCP) who is responsible for monitoring, coordinating, collecting, creating and maintaining up-to-date website contents. The PCP forwards the new updates to CTG Web Development Team via chassit@ucr.eduand shall allow two working days for CTG to complete the website technical maintenance.
  4. Support for non-academic (e.g. research centers, research projects, and public services websites etc.) and faculty personal websites will incur a fee based on scope of works and will require an FAU to recharge.